5 Ways To Structure Your Day + Time Block Method


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Your Struggles

  • Poor management work flow – causing you to multi-task – which only causes you to have low productivity and an inefficient work day
  • Wasting time – bullshitting while you’re supposed to be working; i.e. on the phone venting to friend, texting
  • Loss of control – bottom line, you’re winging it because you should be done, let alone know how to prioritize
  • Poor work quality – when you’ve bullshitted half your day; this will lead to rushing to do a 2-hour project in one hour. I can almost guarantee it’s not your best work
  • Bad reputation your customers begin complaining, leaving reviews and social media comments about you not returning calls or complete a project or service in the time you promised


  • Learn how to run your day and let your day stop running you Learn how to set goals correctly
  • Learn how to prioritize wisely
  • Learn how to structure day with time-blocking Learn how to organize effectively
  • Learn how to remove non-essential tasks Learn how to plan ahead


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