[E-Course] How To Define, Find and Engage Your Instagram Target Audience

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The information in this e-course is the exact content published for members inside my Instagram marketing membership, InstaG Society 

Your Target Audience Struggles

  • You don’t know who they are
  • You don’t know what their problems are
  • You struggle with finding solutions for them
  • You don’t know how to identify them online
  • You don’t know where to find them online
  • You don’t know how to connect and engage with them
  • You’re frustrated only your friends and family are following you
  • If only you had an engaging target audience like your competitors
  • You wish more of them would follow you


  • Learn how to identify, engage and understand the behavior of your online target audience
  • Learn how to use hashtags and location tags to attract your target audience
  • Learn how to ‘network’ with your target audience
  • Go where they’re hanging out to engage them
  • Learn how to gain more targeted followers
  • Learn how to get feedback from your target audience
  • Learn their online habits and behaviors
  • Easier to target and find target audience online
  • Easier to find target audience online
  • How to get noticed by target audience on your competitor’s pages

Learning Modules (video +worksheets)

  • The importance of defining your tribe (11:21)
  • Identifying your tribe’s problems and your matching solutions (11:05)
  • Finding and engaging your tribe (9:05)
  • Defining and finding your Instagram tribe (32:00)
  • Getting feedback from your tribe (19:26)
  • Study your tribe’s online behavior (9:35)

1 review for [E-Course] How To Define, Find and Engage Your Instagram Target Audience

  1. DARNELL SHIRELLE TAYLOR (verified owner)

    This course is a must for any business/organization looking to grow their online presence. I cannot wait to implement the strategies Sharon has taught in this class.
    THANK YOU Sharon.

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