[E-Course] Essential Startup Blueprint:12 Steps To Launching a Solid Business Foundation



90% of startups fail. Read that again.

A website and social media account does not make a business. Through observation and listening to client struggles during strategy sessions, the majority of their issues are due to not building the  bricks to create a solid business structure.

Before you even think of showcasing your offering, before you even think of making your website go live, before you even begin any marketing strategies, you MUST execute and implement several steps VITAL to the survival, sustainability and growth of your business.

The information in this e-course is the exact content delivered to members inside the Business Kit found in our WomeneurCollective membership.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • discovering if your idea is viable and profitable
  • the importance of target marketing
  • bossing up your mindset
  • the importance of your brand name
  • creating a cohesive digital footprint
  • discovering your purpose and core brand values
  • action planning
  • creating a business model
  • determining your revenue stream
  • business entity types
  • business-related contracts
  • startup costs and managing your money
  • bookkeeping softwares
  • creating a cohesive brand identity
  • automating and streamlining your business
  • creating a valuable customer experience
  • organizing your business process
  • how to showcase your offerings
  • the importance of putting it in writing

Content distributed inside includes instructional video, audio file and cheat sheets for:


  1. Profitable Idea Roadmap
  2. Boss Up Your Mindset
  3. Get Your Brand Name Right
  4. Create a Digital Footprint
  5. Strategic Planning: Fail to Plan & Plan to Fail
  6. Time to Structure
  7. Get Your Money Right
  8. Create a Cohesive Brand Identity
  9. Customer Experience: Onboard, Streamline and Automate
  10. Don’t Forget Your SOPs (standard operation procedures)
  11. To Market, To Market: Get All Up In Their Faces
  12. Write It Down And Watch Shit Get Real: One-Page Business Plan

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