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**You’ll receive email with video URL of  your  Instagram audit within 7 business days of payment**


Very important! If purchasing audit, complete intake form: complete form


What Is an Instagram Audit?
A review of KEY components of your Instagram account to identify what areas you perform well in and what areas you can improve

  • avatar
  • bio description
  • hi-lites
  • appeal of visuals (aesthetics)
  • content
  • caption
  • hashtag use
  • engagement

Why You Need an Instagram Audit?

  • you post daily, but you’re not gaining new followers
  • you struggle with when to post
  • only your friends and family follow you
  • you don’t know what time to post
  • you struggle connecting with your audience
  • you don’t know who your audience is
  • you struggle with what to post
  • you want to navigate Instagram successfully

Feedback Includes:

  • clarity, insight and actionable tips
  • how to optimize your bio
  • strategy ideas
  • content ideas
  • hashtag ideas
  • engagement ideas
  • how to gain followers in your niche

I look forward to providing clarity, insight and getting you on the right track with your strategy so you can step up your entire Instagram game!

I will do a complete review of the Instagram account of your choice and provide constructive criticism and feedback during a live recorded video (no more than 20 minutes in length).

Very important! If purchasing audit, complete intake form: complete form


After the Audit, You Receive Email With:

1. URL link to the video
2. URL link to audio file
3. Opportunity to ask two questions; which will get answered within 3 business days


“You were great and you really know your stuff! I love the fact that you’re also very blunt and straightforward. Your tips and advice pushed me to create a strategy. I’ve only been using it for a few days and have already noticed a difference in my engagement and sales.”

“Ms. Sharon broke it all the way down for me. I found out that I should actually take the time to write information inside of my caption. She explained the importance of keeping it real and interacting with people. I was completely confused about how to write a bio. But, thanks to Ms. Sharon I understand how to write a bio. It’s not perfect yet. But, I’m getting there.”

“The audit was very informative, confirming things that I had initially felt were off from my brand. There were some sad moments, but they were also AHA moments!! An eye opener.”

“Great & straight to the point. Didn’t feel the fluff. I walked away with a feeling of, “ok… I need to do this..” and now I can start fresh. Thank you for your expertise!! XO ~Q”


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4 reviews for Instagram Audit

  1. Tasha Odunuyi (verified owner)

    I really appreciated the IG audit. Sharon is very knowledgeable and provide valuable information with actionable steps. Even followed up with me after. It’s nice to feel like you’re not just in another hustle bubble. Where with most it’s about the quick dollar. This was not one of those oh let me hurry up and throw you a little info to make you feel Ike you’re getting something. I’m still doing my homework lol Thank you Sharon.

  2. April Charrise (verified owner)

    Sharon really knows her stuff. I had been seeking advice and help for months to really brand my new business in the right direction. She was the first and only person to provide me valuable information, insight, tools and resources to leverage. I really feel like I made a great investment working with her regarding my IG audit. Overall, she is the Master of Social Media. I would highly recommend her services as you will learn new strategies and she is extremely honest and I love that about her. Constructive Criticism at it’s best to help you flourish towards your goals. She is not afraid to share all of her gems to help you WIN! Thanks Coach! You are truly amazing and gifted at the services you provide.

  3. Jasmin Haley

    Sharon’s instagram audit was eye-opening. She helped me to appreciate what a potential client would see if they viewed my instagram profile. She also helped me to appreciate that I needed to fine tune my branding and gain more clarity regarding the work that I was doing. Her help was instrumental in me taking the necessary steps to boss up. Her honest feedback has helped streamline my growth. Thank you, Sharon!

  4. Deniesha Joseph (verified owner)

    My instagram audit experience was so helpful. Sharon deliverd exactly when she said would. Which I love! The video was thorough but not overwhelming. It gave me real advice with real actionable steps to take to reach my goal. I highly recommend Sharon’s Instagram audit to anyone looking to make the most out Instagram for their business

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