275 Hashtags That Will Get You Shadow Banned

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The information in this PDF is the exact content published inside my Instagram marketing membership, InstaG Society 

What Is Shadow Ban?

Instagram significantly decreases the visibility of your posts in your follower’s timeline because you’re using hashtag(s) deemed fully or partially banned by Instagram because a few as*holes publish inappropriate content using certain hashtags.  In extreme cases, Instagram will shut your account down. These hashtags include everyday words like #alone, #brain, #valentinesday, etc.

You’ll generally see the decrease in engagement about 2-5 days after you begin using a banned hashtag. Once you delete or remove the hashtag, you’ll begin seeing engagement resume almost immeditately.

Your Struggles

  • You have no idea what hashtag(s) caused your ban
  • You see a significant drop in engagement
  • Your followers are telling you they’re not seeing your posts
  • Your account is at risk of being shut down by Instagram
  • You may be experiencing a loss of followers
  • You don’t know why or how your account’s engagement fell off


  • Learn what hashtags are fully (don’t appear in a search) or partially banned
  • Learn what hashtags to remove from your caption or comment

1 review for 275 Hashtags That Will Get You Shadow Banned

  1. Kimberley Evans (verified owner)

    Brilliant checklist for when I’m about to post and want to check my hashtags. Thanks so much

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